Flood Risk Management

Services offered include technical advice on:
• Flood risk model application and inundation mapping
• Flood hazard risk assessment for people and vehicles
• Flood resilience and protection of properties
• Preparing emergency flood responses and evacuation plans
• Planning for flood resilience and mitigation


 Flood Risk Management

Roger has worked extensively in flood risk modelling and management throughout his career.

His key activities in this field Include: (i) continuously developing, refining and applying his computational model DIVAST (Depth Integrated Velocities And Solute Transport) and more complex versions of this model (for example DIVAST TVD, including shock capturing for modelling flash and torrential floods); (ii) supporting water industry and regulatory stakeholders to mount and apply these models for predicting flood elevations levels and inundation extent, with the engines for these models providing the engines for some of the ch2m Flood Modeller Pro suite (https://www.floodmodeller.com); (iii) collaborating on the development of new formulae for predicting flood hazard risk to people and vehicles from floods, with the formulae being physics based – supported by experiment and field studies, to give flood hazard maps linked to the fluid momentum; (iv) contributing to the management of flood risk in Wales through membership of the Flood Risk Management Wales committee (2006-16), (vi) publishing journal and conference papers and delivering presentations on flood risk modelling, (vii) contributing to the design of robust and state-of-the-art flood protection structures/devices for domestic and industrial properties, and (viii) engaging in TV and media interviews with regard to flood event, such as Somerset Levels and Cumbria floods (BBC).

Model predicted maximum depths for the Boscastle flood


Model predicted maximum velocities for the Boscastle flood


Laboratory experiments (Cardiff University) to study the behaviour of scaled vehicles in floods

Laboratory experiments and analysis (Wuhan University) to study the behaviour of an idealised human body in floods