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Prof Roger Falconer FREng FICE FCIWEM

Water Consultant

Roger has over 40 years’ experience in providing independent water consultancy advice to a range of consulting companies, water companies, regulatory authorities, government and international agencies, and for expert witness cases. He was a Lecturer in Hydraulics, University of Birmingham (1977-86), Professor of Water Engineering, University of Bradford (1987-97), and Professor of Water Management, Cardiff University (1997-18). He now operates through his Water Consultancy company (2016-) and is Emeritus Professor of Water and Environmental Engineering at Cardiff University (2018-).

Roger primarily specialises in auditing and advising on applying computational and laboratory-based modelling projects relating to: water-environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies, flood risk assessment, design of run-of-river hydro-power and tidal range energy generation schemes, and global water security challenges and opportunities. His computational hydro-environmental models were acquired by 44 consulting companies and government agencies (1984-10) and he has provided technical advice on over 100 environmental impact assessment studies world-wide. His DIVAST model provides one of the 2-D engines available within Flood Modeller (developed by Jacobs), which is used extensively in the UK and internationally for flood risk modelling. Roger regularly provides consultancy services on water-environmental impact assessment studies, tidal and river renewable energy schemes, flood risk modelling and management, and model auditing and expert witness engagement. He is also adept at leading or working in large multi-disciplinary teams.

Roger has received many awards for his research impact and project activities, including the prestigious: IAHR Ippen Award, Royal Academy Silver Medal, ICE Telford Premium etc. He is a Fellow of the following academies: Royal Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering (Foreign member), European Academy of Sciences, Learned Society of Wales, and the following professional institutions: Institution of Civil Engineers, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, and was elected President of the IAHR (2011-15) and made an Honorary Member in 2017.

Roger has served on a number of high-level committees and expert panels, particularly relating to flood risk assessment and tidal energy schemes, and has acted as an Expert Witness in a number of cases, including the Malaysia v. Singapore Land Reclamation Case (2003-04) – adjudicated by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. He served as a member of: the UK Government’s Expert Panel for the Severn Tidal Power Feasibility Studies (2008-10), Thames Water’s Independent Expert Group for the London Flood Review (2021-22), and as a Technical Consultant to the Government’s Independent Hendry Review of Tidal Lagoons (2016) – via ITP Energised. Further details of Roger’s project experience are given in his CV and Project Consultancy List.

Roger graduated in Civil Engineering from King’s College, London, followed by a Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering, University of Washington, USA, and a PhD in Computational Hydraulics, Imperial College. He has since been awarded further doctorate degrees, including: DEng, DSc(Eng) and HonDEng from the universities of Birmingham, London and Bradford respectively. He has published over 450 papers in leading peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings and delivered over 40 keynote presentations at international conferences and over 560 talks on flooding, water security and tidal energy, to a wide range of audiences in over 30 countries. He regularly participates in TV and media interviews, particularly on flooding, water quality, tidal energy, and global water security.

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A highly published specialist in Water Engineering recognized globally in award-winning international practices covering all aspects of Water Engineering.

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