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Auditing of Water Models

Services offered include auditing and due diligence of model set-up, application, parameterisation and predictive accuracy of:

  • Hydrodynamic processes in rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.
  • Water quality, sediment transport and morphological processes in rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.
  • Flood elevations, flood inundation extent and flood hazard risk assessment for rivers and estuaries.
  • Turbine parameterisation, flood risk and hydro-environmental impact assessment of tidal and river hydro-electric schemes in river, estuarine and coastal basins.


Roger has undertaken numerous auditing and due diligence commissions of complex computational modelling studies over the past 30 years, and for a wide range of clients, including: consulting engineering and environmental companies, water and utility companies, and regulatory authorities.


He is most renowned for his auditing work on hydro-environmental impact assessment studies for bathing water compliance, with the auditing being undertaken for water companies and regulatory authorities, such as the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales. These audit and due diligence studies have focused primarily on reviewing and advising on the application of complex commercial modelling tools, by consulting companies, to predict complex hydrodynamic processes in estuaries and coastal waters, together with dispersion and kinetic decay processes for Faecal Indicator Organism concentration predictions.

These studies have historically involved assessing bathing water compliance for faecal coliform levels, as governed by the original EU Bathing Water Directive but, following the recent EU Water Framework Directive, emphasis has now focused on auditing compliance modelling predictions of bathing water quality for E.coli and enterococci levels, associated with point and diffuse source inputs.

His key activities and experience in this field include:

  1. Auditing and due diligence of computational hydrodynamic models to predict elevations and currents in coastal, estuarine and river waters, including commenting and advising on the: model used, domain resolution, bathymetry, boundary conditions, and roughness, turbulence and wind parameterisation.

  3. Auditing and due diligence of water quality and sediment transport models to predict a wide range of water quality parameters and suspended sediment fluxes and bed level changes.

  4. Commenting on the degree of accuracy of comparisons between field measured and model predictions for water elevations, velocities, water quality and sediment parameter concentrations and any morphological changes

  6. Publishing journal and conference papers and delivering presentations on computational modelling procedures, results and model accuracy etc.

Some of Roger’s past typical clients in this field include: Arcadis (previously Hyder Consulting), BP Chemicals, British Nuclear Fuels plc, Buro Happold, Cascade Consulting, ch2m (previously Halcrow), Dwr Cymru, Electricity Supply Board Ireland, Environment Agency, Intertek, States of Jersey, US Navy, Thames Water, Wessex Water, Yorkshire Water.

Poole Harbour and Holes Bay for Wessex Water

Rhossili Beach for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Blackpool and the Fylde Coast for United Utilities

Humber Estuary for BP Chemicals